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OHSLA History

While the league has been around for more than 20 years (as documented on 20th Anniversary page), the OHSLA website (and internet as we know it) has not, so not everything is archived.  Here are all the files we could find on the OHSLA server.  If you have old pictures or information to add on past champions, please e-mail our Web Librarian

Year Final Standings Awards Playoffs News
Bracket(s) Champion
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2014 Standings Honors Page Championship West Linn
Cascade Cup Wilson
2013 Standings Honors Page Playoff Bracket Lakeridge
2012 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Brackets Lincoln Not Available
2011 Standings Honors Page Unavailable Lincoln Final-Four Highlights
2010 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Bracket Lincoln Not Available
2009 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Bracket OES Finals Highlights: 1st Half   2nd Half
2008 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Lincoln Not Available
2007 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Bracket Lakeridge Not Available
2006 Standings Honors Page Pre-Final Scores Lakeridge Not Available
2005 Standings Unavailable Playoff Scores Lakeridge Not Available
2004 Standings All-State Teams On Standings Page OES Not Available
2003 Standings Unavailable On Standings Page West Linn Not Available
2002 Standings Unavailable On Standings Page Lakeridge Not Available

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