2017 Playoff Format Details

Post Season Brackets and Tournaments

This year first round games for both brackets on the same day, Friday May19th. This year the Championship bracket concludes on Championship Saturday, June 3rd, at West Linn High School.  The Cascade Cup concludes the day before, Friday June 2nd.  More information on Championship Day, including parking directions and detailed schedule will be on the OHSLA Home page after the first round.

2017 OHSLA Championship Bracket

Specific 2017 bracket details for how brackets were selected and seeded are described below the bracket, look at the bracket formation explanations for the general rules.  The LaxPower ratings for the end of the regular season which were used for seedings and selection can be found here.
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Champ bracket

Final Championship Bracket

How the Bracket was formed

For 2017 the 16 automatic qualifying teams are:

ConferenceFirstSecond ConferenceFirstSecond
Pacific Glencoe Tigard Metro Jesuit Sunset
Columbia OES Lincoln Northwest Sherwood Liberty
Three Rivers West Linn Lake Oswego North Valley West Salem Sprague
Southwest Sheldon Roseburg High Desert Summit Bend

The eight At-Large bids to fill out the 24 team bracket went to Grant, Lakeridge, Central Catholic, Clackamas, Southridge, Tualatin, Canby, and Beaverton

2017 OHSLA Cascade Cup Bracket

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Cascade Cup bracket

Final Cascade Cup Bracket

OHSLA Championship Bracket Formation

  1. The first and second place teams in each Conference receive "automatic" bids, to use the nomenclature of the NCAA tournaments.  The remaining "At-Large" bids are given to the teams with the highest LAXPower Ratings at the end of the regular season that did not recieve automatic bids.  How are Lax Power ratings calculated?  Check out the explanation on LAXPower
  2. Bracket seedings are done based on LaxPower ratings.  The top eight LAXPower rated teams earn a first round bye. 
  3. Note that, since some of the automatic bids may go to teams that were not in the LAXPower top 24 rated teams, the tournament seeds may not be a direct match to the LAXPower ratings. 

Cascade Cup Bracket Formation

  1. The Cascade Cup includes the 16 highest rated teams from the LAXPower Ratings at the end of the season that are not part of the Championship Bracket. 
  2. Bracket seeding will map directly to relative LAXPower rankings of the teams. How are Lax Power ratings calculated?  Check out the explanation on LAXPower

Playoff Game Revenues and Costs

Revenue Sharing

As noted in the OHSLA 2017 SOPs (section #22) for playoff games in Playoff Rounds 1 & 2, and Quarterfinals (and now Cascade Cup Semi-Finals) pricing and revenues are as follows:

  • Admission charges, prices determined by the Commissioner, MUST be charged to ALL spectators, not just those of the visiting school.
  • Admission prices are $8 for adults and $5 for students.  Kids 5 and under are free.
  • The gate total shall be split 50/50 with the OHSLA and host school after approved host expenses are subtracted from the gate total.  OHSLA Treasurer Joe Alexander will email each club their referee costs after each playoff game.  The total amount due can be calculated from the 2017 OSHLA Playoff Payment Worksheet (right click and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...", depending on your browser).  A copy of this worksheet with the payment can be sent to the OHSLA Treasurer.
  • If charging admission is a problem for any program, special arrangements must be made with the OHSLA prior to the game taking place.
  • Failure to charge admission/submit accounting worksheet/pay OHSLA share will result in (1) the team being billed for the average share received by the league received from schools in a similar playoff round PLUS (2) a $250 fine. 

If you have any questions or need a playoff calculation worksheet emailed to you, please email wvbsbbs@aol.com


Travel Allowances

OHSLA will help with travel costs for visiting playoff teams in the first three rounds of the playoffs (first round, second round and quarter finals). 

The travel cost reimbursements have changed this year.  There will no longer be reimbursements for in district travel, and amounts for near district travel has been reduced slightly.  For teams that have home games as well as away games, the travel allowance for their away game can be applied as a credit (just like any approved host expense) to their final team billing.  The Table below shows the Travel Allowance from OHSLA for teams between the four areas in the state. 

  PDX Salem Eugene High Desert
PDX N/A $200 $300 $400
Salem $200 N/A $200 $300
Eugene $300 $200 N/A $300
High Desert$400 $300 $300 N/A


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