OSAA Summer Guidance

May 27th

With the Oregon lockdown beginning to loosen up, the OSAA has issued guidance for High Scool Athletic activity over the summer as the State proceeds through different phases on relaxing the Covid lockdown.  The OSAA statement can be found on the OSAA site.  There is too much information in this document to summmarize in this article, but there are some FAQs on the OSAA Coronavirus page.  The upshot is that, because athletics involve a lot of close contact between individuals that usually involves sweat and intense breathing, Covid-19 will continue to impact high school sport activities.  One should note that, as summarized on the US Worldometer page, there are only nine states with fewer diagnosed Covid-19 cases than Oregon.  So Oregonians have done well controlling the virus outbreak relative to the rest of the country. 

As a reminder, while lacrosse is not yet officially an OSAA activity, the OHSLA conforms to OSAA policies whenever applicable as it has over the entire Covid-19 event cycle.  For the latest from the OSAA on the Coronavirus go to the dedicated OSAA Coronavirus page.  As OSAA guidance changes this website will be updated.

The OHSLA leadership continues to monitor sites specific to updates concerning the COVID-19 Virus.  Specifically the sites below, as well as many others.