US Lacrosse Return to Play Guidelines

October 15th, 2020 

The OHSLA board realizes that parents, coaches, and fans are concerned as to what will be required to begin the season safely next spring.  There are a number of factors that will be involved, including many that neither the league nor club officials can control. 

However there are sample guidelines at the high school, college, and professional level which should give everyone ideas as to what can be expected.  While it is safe to say that it is very unlikely that there will be an OHSLA bubble at a resort somewhere in Oregon, the Return to Play guidelines published on the US Lacrosse website are a realistic framework under consideration.  The guidelines list five stages that show increasing levels of group size for activities that represent increased level of risk in regards to Covid-19.  The stage at which the OHSLA will participate will be decided as we get closer to the beginning of the season. 

The Coronavirus situation in the state is still in flux and with winter coming the next few months may change the view of state health authorities as to what is acceptable risk when it comes to athletic activities.  Everyone involved with high school athletics needs to continue to be cautious and prepared for positive or negative news while we all wait to see if the situation stabilizes.  If everyone does their best to control the spread of the virus and encourages others to do the same, it should improve the chances of full competition the spring.