All-Conference Team Published

June 1st, 2021 

As previously announced, there will only be two postseason awards for players this season: All-Conference Teams and Academic All-Americans.  There were many things that contributed to this decision the largest was due to OSAA and OHA restrictions, which made 2021 a compressed season, with travel limitations, and team quarantines which resulted in very little inter-conference play.  On top of that, the season overlapped one week with football and two weeks with soccer, forcing players to make tough decisions about what sport to play.  These factors resulted in muddled LaxNumber rankings and finally concluded with no state championship. 

Selecting statewide honors is a difficult process in a regular season, especially for coaches who haven't seen candidate players on the field.  Coaches often have to rely on statistics, second hand info, and player performance against high ranking teams in the state or in other states to help with their decisions.  Because of the shortened season, limited intra-state travel, and no out-state games, there were even more players who were not seen by coaches in other conferences and season statistics were not as reliable as a gauge of a player's abilities. So Covid factors again contributed to the OHSLA board decision to reduce post-season honors this year. 

Unfortunately, Academic All-Americans will not be decided for another week or two.  The All-Conference Teams can be found on the 2021 Honors PageNote: Three Rivers conference decided to only select two teams, First and Honorable Mention. However the database logic on the website was not ready for this, so it will look a little wonky until the lazy slacker that manages the webpages fixes the code on that page.