2021 Postseason Outline

May 10th, 2021 

As the regular season comes to a close the OHSLA Board would like to announce the outline for the 2021 Postseason.  In an effort to allow the most competition possible, the Board has created a special postseason format for the remainder of the OHSLA season. With increased Covid numbers in different areas of the state affecting travel policies in several districts, and a few teams struggling with quarantines, there will not be any state wide tournaments, only be a tournament in the Metro area. 

The OHSLA Board is aware of the stress this season has put on everyone involved with the league: players, officials, coaches, and parents.  Hopefully the last two weeks of play can continue without more players having to sit because of further Covid outbreaks.  In the meantime the hope is that everyone can be vigilant, take the steps they need to remain healthy, and enjoy the time they have on the field.