Final days of the Season

May 21st, 2021 

The final games of the season are tonight and Saturday.  Saturday's games include the Metro Tourney Final 6pm at Jesuit and consolation at Grant (1pm on the Marshall turf).  The complete bracket can be seen on the 2021 Postseason page

With the change in mask recommendations by the CDC, the OSAA and OHA have revised their mask policy which the OHSLA board has followed with new guidelines for Covid rules on the field.  This is the message sent to coaches and club leaders from the OHSLA Commissioner Paul Schlesinger:

The OHSLA leadership has been reviewing the latest updates from the CDC and the OHA concerning wearing of masks.  With the new recommendations, the OHSLA is recommending the following for the remainder of the 2021 Lacrosse season.  Players on the field can play without wearing their masks. Sidelines; including players, coaches, Officials including the score table personnel, and other authorized personnel being on the sidelines are recommended to continue to wear their masks. Spectators in the stands are also recommended to continue to wear their masks.  The OHSLA Leadership recommends consulting with both your school district (A.D.s) and the visiting school district (A.D.s) for their policies in light of these latest recommendations from the CDC and OHA.  This policy is in force through the remainder of the 2021 season. 

Thank you,
Paul Schlesinger
Commissioner OHSLA

The 2nd to last sentence should be noted: the OHSLA policy is for the field of play and the hosting school district policies have final say over the what steps fans must take for Covid (how many can attend, mask requirements, separation, etc).