2021 Postseason Clarification

May 14th, 2021

It has come to the attention of the OHSLA Board that the Metro Area Tourney is being labeled as the Oregon Lax Championship by different websites streaming OHSLA games.  This is not a correct description of the Metro tournament in any way, shape, or form.  To further confound things, other games have been advertised as being part of the OSAA Lacrosse Playoffs at this time.  While there has been an effort to join the OSAA and the OHSLA tries to follow OSAA rules wherever possible, those familiar with High School lacrosse in Oregon should know that the OHSLA is not part of the OSAA and that there are most certainly not a OSAA Lacrosse Championship.  As mentioned in the article below, there will not be a state wide end of season tournament for several reasons.  This means that there is no Oregon High School Lacrosse Championship for the 2021 season.  So there are no state-wide playoffs or playoff games. 

The Metro tournament is not a replacement for the statewide tournament and should not be perceived as such.  The Tourney was a vehicle to allow more than a quarter of the teams in the league to more easily schedule competitive games for the remainder of the season without burdening coaches to shop for games (which was difficult given the travel restrictions that were in place until very recently).  By creating a four day tournament with a full consolation bracket, a significant number of the teams in the state were allocated the extra four games permitted by the Boards extension of the season.  This provided the non-tourney teams more room to work on the other nine non tourney days remaining in the season without running into resource conflicts for officials.

It is unfortunate that outside forces have added words like "playoff" and "championship" for games that were never identified as such on the schedule listed on this site.  It adds confusion to a season that was already confusing without any outside help.  The web content manager apologies for any implication that there was an ongoing "championship".  This was not his intention and most certainly was not the intention of the board.