OHSLA System Emails marked as Spam

March 28th, 2021 

It has come to the OHSLA Website managers' attention that emails sent by the OHSLA automated email system are getting marked as spam.  This is a problem b/c this automated system is the primary form of communication for the OHSLA Board (and the website itself) to Officials, Coaches, and Club representatives for such things as game changes, all-state voting, etc. 

What OHSLA users need to do:
The good news is that this is easily fixed. An email with the subject "OHSLA Test Broadcast Message" was sent by the OHSLA email system to all OHSLA users on Sunday morning, March 28.  If you are a Club officer, OLOA Official, or coach and do not see this notification in your Inbox, you need to take some steps to fix the situation: 
  1. Check your spam folder - Go to your email application and search the Spam/Junk folder for emails from "info@OHSLA.net with the the subject above. 
  2. Mark the email as not Junk/Spam
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Gmail Spam tip

Coaches and Club officers alike should update the Club information on their home pages with new Club officers and Treasurer information so that the OHSLA can contact the clubs easily.