OLOA March-2024 Zoom Call

OLOA March-2024 Zoom Call

Material Referenced on 3/27/24 Zoom Call

Spring Break is a GREAT TIME for Officials to "dig-in" a little deeper.

Link to 3/27/24 Zoom Call Recording

3 Critical Areas in becoming a better lacrosse official.

(1) Know The Rules (Rule Book)
(2) Know Where To Be - When (Mechanics)
(3) Good Communications with Crew, Coaches, Players and Table.

  • Rule Book Exercise   The link to the left (pdf doc) is just an example. This exercise is FOR YOU to indentify what lacrosse rules might you be a little fuzzy on or need to read up more ? What lacrosse rules or procedures should you be brushing up on? Think of this as a homework assignment / exercise to help "up your game" when it comes to lacrosse rules. It is number #1 in my opinion - KNOW THE RULES.
  • Recommended Video Presentations   Click link to left to view PDF. This PDF has additional video links on various other lacrosse officiating topics. The video link below is just one of many videos that could "up your game". I strongly encourage you to watch more (view PDF with links)
  • Must Watch Video (EVERY Official Should Watch/Listen; my recommendation more than once)

    "We Can't Do This Alone - Strategies For Being A Better Teammate" (by: P.J Calello)

Questions / Discussion Points Asked by OLOA Officials

  1. I`d like to get clarification on how to assess whether an offensive player leading with elbow, shoulder, face, or top of helmet is either balling hard, warding, spearing, or illegal body checking.
  2. When is a player playing without his cross? Broken stick but doesn`t leave the field and may not realize it is broken? Reaches straight down but is still in contact with opposing player? Stands straight up to avoid being in play but still is?
  3. Overtime Procedures (Are you the R) the OT story.
  4. In and out of crease, ball can go in/out but player with possession cannot.

Other Optional Items to Cover

Brian Platz

Brian Platz
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